About Us

Welcome friends! We're Casey and Carley Metoyer, a husband and wife couple whose love of coffee and passion for family and the environment has led to the creation of Melrose Organic Coffee. Throughout our relationship, we've traveled all over the country visiting friends and family. With each new city we visit, we seek out local coffee shops to get a fresh cup of coffee each morning. It's become somewhat of "our thing" visiting coffee shops and spending early mornings easing into the day. While we lived in Los Angeles, we spent hours every Sunday morning at one of our local favorites enjoying a fresh cup, doing homework, and preparing for the week ahead.
While Casey was raised in California, and Carley in Illinois, growing up we both have vivid memories of our entire family sitting together early morning or even after dinner, and grandma would "put a pot on." Each of our family would spend hours sitting together, talking and just enjoying the moment. We're sure you remember moments like this with your family too! It's these family moments that have instilled the importance of family in each and every one of us.
Another aspect we're passionate about? The environment. Taking care of the world around us and our bodies. All of our beans are sourced from Organic FairTrade farms all over the country and it's important to us to stay that way. Our vision to continue to support local farms and family run businesses is key for us. All of our beans are roasted and packaged by the both of us right here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
We hope our coffee can become a part of your morning routine, quiet moments at home, or enjoying time with your family. We appreciate your support for our small business and we are always seeking to support other small businesses as well!